Amazing benefits and tricks of using vapour rub.

27th October, 2016
We often purchase products not even realising the amazing benefits hiding behind them. For incidence the famous vapour rub that we only tend to use on chest and nostrils area forgetting that this product can be very helpful in other cases too. I have previously covered similar topics such as The magic use Coca-ColaThe power of nettle or 19 amazing benefits of paprika.

I'm in love with a child I haven't yet met.

23rd October, 2016
I have received hundreds of emails in the past few weeks congratulating me and my fiancé on our first pregnancy. We'd love to thank each and one of you for your kind words. This post has been requested by many of you however it would be posted anyway since I'd love to share my beautiful journey with you!

Casual fall look with blue accents.

21st October, 2016
 Happy Saturday my lovely ladies! Thank you so much for all the amazing messages I have received from everyone in the past few days, I really appreciate them all! I'm here today with a quick and very casual outfit of the day. When you're pregnant the most important thing for you is to feel comfortable in what you're wearing. This is why I love fall because I can chuck on an oversized sweater with few little details such as a necklace, bag or earrings and I'm ready to go!

Leopard print with blue.

Leopard print with blue.
16th October, 2016
Happy Sunday everyone! I've had an amazing day with my fiancé. We stayed in bed until early afternoon, we then decided to pop outside for a little photoshoot as I want to have loads of memories from my pregnancy, therefore capturing a lot of days and moments on the camera is a must! We headed to our favourite spot by the motor way where we normally have our photos taken. After 100's of poses and shots we decided to go to our favourite local pub for a nice steak and a burger.

20 questions with Dominica.

12th October, 2016.
There's nothing more flattering then receiving emails or messages from my readers asking for a more personal post or what I do on a daily basis.. I have recently received a number of emails from brands and audience congratulating on my pregnancy, one has extremaly touched me. It was from a lovely reader from Jamaica, she mentioned how much of an inspiration I am to her and she would love to meet me. Thing's like this melt my heart and are the best reward a blogger could ever receive. I'm here today with a more personal post for you..

White and powder pink.

10th October, 2016
 Hello everyone, how has your weekend been! Today I'm here with a quick outfit of the day post. I tend to avoid bright coloured clothes especially pink or white as I don't feel myself wearing them. Another thing is I have a bad and disgusting habit of wiping my hands on my clothes without even realising or thinking about it! Carrying wet wipes and antiseptic hand wash in my bag don't help!

50 shades of beige.

9th October, 2016
Camel, latte coffee, nude - sometimes I get lost in all of the names for shades of beige, how about you? For a very long time I’ve been a big fan of outfits in such a natural colour, from beige, white, and grey to black, simply because they go hand in hand with jeans and other classics. Lately my passion for beige has gone up 100%. Below you’ll find a list of some beige gems you can find in chains stores.

My perfect fall look.

8th October, 2016
Autumn and winter are definitely my favourite seasons when it comes to fashion, trends. This is the time where most people can reflect their style the best possible. I love long, thick, knitted jumpers, warm scarfs, cosy jackets and long fury coats. In today's post I have prepared for you 3 perfect fall outfit ideas of my choice. I hope I've inspired you!

How to style bomber jacket.

23rd September, 2016
What I love about bomber jackets the most is that they can be paired with anything and complement every outfit. From a casual jeans and tee look to a classy skirt and heals. You name it! Just like a white t-shirt and a pair of blue denim, bomber jacket is a must-have in every woman's wardrobe! Take a look at how bomber jacket can be styled..

3 healthy breakfast ideas.

19th September, 2016
It's that time of the year to begin a healthy lifestyle which includes healthy eating, detoxing and exercising to improve our well-being as well as prepare our immune system for winter! Here are 3 healthy and delicious breakfast (or lunch if you prefer) ideas which will hopefully motivate you to start eating healthy and include some exercise into your lifestyle. This could be anything from daily walks to work, school, park to sweaty gym sessions. :-)