The perfect December afternoon.

9th December, 2016
What's a perfect December afternoon to me, other than them cosy ones wrapped up under the blanket with a cup of tea and a good old times comedy ? A meal at my favorite local pub is the answer. I'm not a big fun of meat, I don't really eat meat, however a nice bit of steak every now and then I can't say no to! I love having a good chat, away from everyone and every day life with my fiance to a glass of baileys and a nice massive dish in front of me! :-)

30 amazing things that will make you feel festive!

8th December, 1016
Christmas isn't Christmas without the so called 'ugly' jumper, candles, festive decorations and little things that add that spark into our lives and homes this season! I always ensure that there's a bunch of Christmassy items all around my house throughout December, this helps me fall into the festive mood quicker, impatiently counting down days until the special Christmas dinner where I get to gather with my family, spoil everyone with presents and enjoy my mothers amazing cooking!

Christmas gift guide - 2016.

5th December, 2016
Happy December! I can't even describe how exited I was for this post! I've teamed up with so many wonderful brands from all over the world to create this amazing 'Christmas gift guide' post. Below you will find incredible gift ideas for him and her as well as unisex presents. Each brand generated a special discount code for my lovely readers to use at the check out. Don't forget time is ticking, Christmas is only around the corner.

10 things I love about December.

December is definitely my favourite month, that one month I look forward to throughout all year, simply because I love Christmas and December is fulfilled with warm and festive spirit. I love counting days until the Christmas dinner and enjoying every day and part of the last month of the year!

The truth about being a full-time blogger.

20th November, 2016
Blogging has always being and I strongly believe, always will be my dream job. I've always enjoyed writing ever since I was a little girl, I used to write little stories and terrorise my grandpa every evening by reading them aloud to him. As a full-time blogger I am not too impressed with the way media and individuals labels us. Easy money, lazy, uneducated.. The list doesn't stop here. I receive a lot of questions regarding my blogging career and what it really looks like. I am here today to answer them for you the best I can. :)

What you should know before buying an English Bulldog.

18th November, 2016
First thing you need to keep in mind before you consider buying an English bulldog is that they are the most stubborn creatures on earth. Ever since we've got Laya (my bulldog in photos) she became the boss of the house and our entire family, despite the fact that we have other pets too. Laya has turned our life upside down! Bottom line: bulldogs never jump at your command but evaluate it.

Spice up your bedroom life, part 2.

 As some of you might remember my last 'Spice up your bedroom life post' earlier on this year, I've decided to make a part 2 as it has reached over 200,000 views!! Adding some sparkle into your sex life is always healthy for the relationship. Get out of the typical routine you and your partner had fallen into and make it more fun and hot.

My autumn home made goodies.

14th November, 2016
In case you don't know yet I am originally from Poland. I've lived there as a kid and moved over to England around the age of 10. I love my country for the amazing and unique food. I absolutely enjoy sharing polish recipes and traditions with you. Here are my top 3 delicious autumn goodies that I make every year in my house around this time of the year!

Habits every woman should have.

10th November, 2016
Being a woman can be very tough.. We can't open a can of drink without risking nail-breakage, wearing a bra can be very exhausting, hair bands just keep disappearing, we have to hold our pee in because we've just finished painting our nails, hair shampoo bottle always ends up full while the conditioner is almost gone, not being able to itch your eye all day because you're wearing eye make up, the urge to sneeze while the mascara is still drying, not to mention bleeding for 7 days once a month, how are we even still alive? But jokes aside.. I love being a woman and this post is dedicated to the beautiful gender of my readers. :)

Grey accents and English bulldog.

8th November, 2016
There are days in life when we look back on people who let us down or situations that hurt us in the past. Our past is what makes us. I've been through a bit in my life and regardless of how hard it was or how much pain it cost me, I am happy and proud to be the woman I am today. What didn't kill me, only made me stronger and wiser. I appreciate my life and every day given to me by God. Some things happen in life, that we can not predict or prevent. The key is to stay strong and never give up no matter what. Remain positive, live life to it's fullest potential and make your dreams become a reality. Today's stress won't solve tomorrow's problems. Smile!