14 things people need to stop in 2017.

14 things people need to stop in 2017.
17th January, 2017
There are number of things that I just can not understand or wrap my mind around when it comes to our generation. A lot of things about people irritate me, some drive me insane to the point where there is no other way but to blow out with anger and give them a piece of my mind lol. I'm sure we've all been there before. You have to read the rest of this post to relate with how I'm feeling right now.

Professional bloggers vs me.

16th January, 2017
It finally snowed in England. How exiting, I couldn't help but to go outside and have a snow fight with my fiancé and our bulldog Laya. Yes those are the type of things I do at seven months of being pregnant. But how could I not, it snows like once a decade in this country.. Anyway let's get to the point. There are two types of professional bloggers, there is them and there is me. Their eyebrows are always at their fleekiest, outfits always at their pointiest.. And here I am with my rainbow shape eyebrows, a jacket that I've clearly grew out of about 7 years ago and my man's socks on, skipping another blogger meeting because I rather play in the snow with my family..

3 fashion trends to try this year!

15th January, 2017
Another year, new trends are soon to come and discover. This year I am all about trying new fashion trends that I wouldn't normally consider wearing, simply because I only feel 100% comfortable in my own style, which is normally high waist jeans, tucked in laced up jumper or tee and comfy boots or shoes. This year on my fashion menu are definitely mid heel shoes, midi skirts and long coats which I've been loving.

9 elegant home things worth buying!

9 elegant home things worth buying!
14th January, 2017
Can't kick off the New Year without refreshing and changing up the look of my house. And I don't mean refurbishing or repainting the rooms, but simply adding little things that will automatically boost the appearance and set a mood in your interiors. I absolutely love and enjoy buying decorations for my home, it makes me extremely happy and it's a form of distress too. This season cushions and wood are definitely massive in my house, from wooden photo frames, candle holders to statuaries.

7 reasons why red wine is good for you.

13th January, 2017
Any hardworking woman knows that kicking back with your partner and a glass of red wine after a long day, is a fabulous way to distress. The best part of it is that your red-wine habit also happens to come with some happy health benefits, such as improving your mental and physical health and even slimming your waistline. Here are the reasons why red wine is good for you..

8 things I hate about Instagram!

10th January, 2017
Instagram is that one place 'on the internet space' which irritates me more than anything else in the whole world, yet I still check it uncountable (is that even a word?) times a day. There are number of things that really drive me nuts when it comes to this app, and believe me I wasn't too keen on creating an Instagram account until sometime last year when brands actually started bugging me about it, so it had to be done for the sake of blogging.. It's damn annoying yet addictive, how does that even work..

5 things you should never fake.

9th January, 2017
We've all been there, we've all done it. But after learning the hard way I can admit faking staff can be a bitch. I remember back in secondary school, I wanted to make my best friend feel sorry for me and I've applied navy blue eye shadow around my left eye to make it look like I've got beaten up.. Yes! I've faked my black eye.. Too bad it came off that same day at my PE lesson. Here are the 5 things you should never fake..

5 achievable goals that you should make this year!

7th January, 2017
I love this photo of all three of us, well four.. As our daughter was about 5 months old in my belly when this was taken.. We all look so free and happy. This year is all about keeping all three smiles up on our faces. I always say this and never really stick to it, but this year I will do whatever it takes to make 2017 my year. Setting goals for yourself is a very important part of it, with a little self motivation you can gain and achieve so much in life. Here are my top 5 achievable goals for the next 12 months!

The power of nettle.

6th January, 2017
Nettle is my new best friend. It's a must in my house. We all hate it when it stings our skin however the amazing powers of this ordinary 'weed' (what most people would call it) are priceless. I have been struggling with intestine and liver problems as well as allergies and hay fever ever since I can remember. Drinking a shot of freshly made nettle juice every morning before breakfast has improved my well-being as well as got rid of all of the problems that I've struggled with for years! The flavour itself isn't too nice, it tastes like a blended grass and leaves - but it's worth the pain! I put my nettle juice in a little shot glass and down it in no time.

Leopard print with blue accents.

Chilly and windy January.. This season is all about turtle neck jumpers and warm coats to me. I have the biggest collection of faux fur coats and vests that I can not fit them anymore and believe me when I say I gave away 70% of my clothes to charities the other week to make some space for my coats and jackets in my wardrobes, which on the other hand has made me extremely happy and I'd love to encourage every single one of you to give away staff you don't longer wear or use instead of chucking them away. You can make a difference, it's that simple.