How to style bomber jacket.

23rd September, 2016
What I love about bomber jackets the most is that they can be paired with anything and complement every outfit. From a casual jeans and tee look to a classy skirt and heals. You name it! Just like a white t-shirt and a pair of blue denim, bomber jacket is a must-have in every woman's wardrobe! Take a look at how bomber jacket can be styled..

3 healthy breakfast ideas.

19th September, 2016
It's that time of the year to begin a healthy lifestyle which includes healthy eating, detoxing and exercising to improve our well-being as well as prepare our immune system for winter! Here are 3 healthy and delicious breakfast (or lunch if you prefer) ideas which will hopefully motivate you to start eating healthy and include some exercise into your lifestyle. This could be anything from daily walks to work, school, park to sweaty gym sessions. :-)

7 amazing benefits of eating ginger during pregnancy.

17th September, 2016
 If you don't know yet, I have recently found out that me and my fiancé are expecting a new family member! :-) To celebrate the amazing news I have decided to add a new category to my blog called 'Mother and baby' where I will share amazing tips, advice and much more for mothers and expecting mothers. To start it off I've looked up some amazing benefits of eating ginger during pregnancy.

Jerk chicken and coconut rice.

16th September, 2016
Happy Saturday everyone! In today's 'In my kitchen' I will show you how I make my own jerk chicken with coconut rice. I hope you'll enjoy it and give it a go one day if you haven't tried it yet. The first time I have ever tried jerk chicken was in 2010, at the Notting Hill Carnival. It cost me £7.50 for quarter of chicken breast with 3 spoons of plain over cooked rice.. The chicken it self tasted amazing and I fell in love with it immediately! And that's when I decided to make it myself for the first time and it became a regular dish in my house, and of course my fiancé's favourite meal.

My ways of calming my mind.

13th September, 2016
Finding a balance in today's world is quite difficult. In my opinion it was easier to find balance and peace of mind in the olden days where cities were not so developed, people use to spend most of their time working on their land, therefore they communed more with nature, there were no computers or new technology that stopped them from leaving homes. As a child, I travelled with my parents every summer, whether it was camping by the lake or a trip to the mountain.. Nowadays we tend to do everything online, paying bills, online shopping and the list goes on.. Here are my top tips to calm your mind..

3 ideas for an Autumn outfit.

1st September, 2016
As every year in August, I begin to already organise and upgrade my autumn wardrobe. Although I love the summer, I can express my style much more during autumn and winter season. In today's post I've got 3 casual autumn outfit propositions for you that reflect my style.

Amazing news announcement.

20th August, 2016
There is a time in your life when it changes upside down in a very positive way. This time has already came for us. On one hand I wanted to keep the amazing news away from everyone for a while, on the other hand the butterflies in my belly won't let me keep quiet. Myself and Callum (my fiancé) we find it really hard to keep secrets or should I say good news away from others!

Habits every woman should have.

5th August, 2016
We're already in August, can you believe it! Some of you are preparing to start school, uni, work, some are packing their bags to fly out on holiday! The one thing I'm looking forward to this month is the 8th of August, you will find out why in the next post! ;-) This post is dedicated to the beautiful gender of my audience. :-) How about some tips from another woman? I'd love to hear yours in the comments below!

My recipe for a happy life.

4th August, 2016
People always wonder how do I stay so positive and confident at all times. Optimism is the answer. I choose to see life in bright shades instead of painting it dark. It's hard to bring me down, I love life itself and I try to enjoy every second of it. I accept everything that life throws my way, knowing that no matter what happens here today, I am one day closer to a much better place.

A day in Rochester.

26th July, 2016
Today I'm here with a 'dairy' kind of post. Me and Callum decided to have a spontaneous trip to Rochester, Kent yesterday as the weather was lovely and we had nothing better to do. We took a train to Chatham, walked through Rochester to Strood! We love walking! ;-) To start off our day and 'charge up our batteries' for our long walk, we've popped in to an all you can eat buffet where I had 3, 4.. Ok fine, 5 full plates of delicious food!