Amazing news announcement.

20th August, 2016
There is a time in your life when it changes upside down in a very positive way. This time has already came for us. On one hand I wanted to keep the amazing news away from everyone for a while, on the other hand the butterflies in my belly won't let me keep quiet. Myself and Callum (my fiancé) we find it really hard to keep secrets or should I say good news away from others!

Dress for every occasion.

16th August, 2016
As a woman I love wearing dresses, the only catch and tricky thing about it is that I can never find the perfect one. Whether is a friends birthday, family wedding or a special event such as anniversary I spend hours if not days looking for that perfect dress. This problem is a 'past' now as I've came across Sherry London, a global online retailer of evening dressesbridesmaids dresses, prom dresses, and dresses for other special occasions, all located on one website! How amazing does that sound?

Habits every woman should have.

5th August, 2016
We're already in August, can you believe it! Some of you are preparing to start school, uni, work, some are packing their bags to fly out on holiday! The one thing I'm looking forward to this month is the 8th of August, you will find out why in the next post! ;-) This post is dedicated to the beautiful gender of my audience. :-) How about some tips from another woman? I'd love to hear yours in the comments below!

My recipe for a happy life.

4th August, 2016
People always wonder how do I stay so positive and confident at all times. Optimism is the answer. I choose to see life in bright shades instead of painting it dark. It's hard to bring me down, I love life itself and I try to enjoy every second of it. I accept everything that life throws my way, knowing that no matter what happens here today, I am one day closer to a much better place.

A day in Rochester.

26th July, 2016
Today I'm here with a 'dairy' kind of post. Me and Callum decided to have a spontaneous trip to Rochester, Kent yesterday as the weather was lovely and we had nothing better to do. We took a train to Chatham, walked through Rochester to Strood! We love walking! ;-) To start off our day and 'charge up our batteries' for our long walk, we've popped in to an all you can eat buffet where I had 3, 4.. Ok fine, 5 full plates of delicious food!

Stop chewing in front of me! Life of a misophonic..

22nd July, 2016
Do you get annoyed with the munching and chewing sounds that you hear during lunch or dinner with your friends or family? The more you hear people chew it's like adding fuel to the fire! Until today I've believed that I'm the only one that suffers from this. I've decided to sit down and do a little research and I've found out that it's nothing but a type of hypersensitivity to sounds which technically is called misophonia.

My secret tricks for a healthy hair!

18th July, 2016
Personally I hate my hair, as they're very thin and curly. I have to straighten them on a daily basis as I'm not a big fan of curls. I damage and murder my hair every day of the week with the heat and other products that I apply on it such as hair spray etc. Fortunately I've managed to improve the look of my hair with a little help of natural oils and a couple of tricks that I've learnt from my mum.

De volaille my way.

De volaille my way.
14th July, 2016
The other day I came to a conclusion that I always cook the same dishes. It's a routine, Monday tomato soup, Tuesday mushroom soup and so on.. I have no idea why I've fallen into this boring routine however I must say, I love my soups! I've decided to make a 'personalised' De Volaille. I've served mine with 'beetroot and vinegar and sugar' and mash potato. It really hit the spot and broke my boring soup routine! :-)

Sky blue lake get away part two.

9th July, 2016
Ever since I've posted about our secret 'sky blue lake get away' about a month ago we've literally received mass of messages and emails asking about this place. The post reached over 18,000 views in less than 4 days!! Therefore I've decided to feature it on my blog again. It's so hard to believe that this beautiful place is based in England. Most of the lakes here, look completely different and definitely not sky blue.

So charming..

8th July, 2016
I love to surround myself with cute gadgets that add style and elegance even to the simplest and most casual outfit. Whenever I need that extra spark I head over to Soufeel where the magic happens. Now this is where the catch is.. A huge dilemma kicks in when it comes to choosing charms as the company has a rich variety of products and therefore I spend hours or even days choosing that 'perfect one'.